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Amure Hair Studio & Academy is one of the best creative hair studios in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We specialize in creative styling techniques, coloring, cutting, hair extensions, custom wigs, hair restoration. Our business strives for an environment where there is peace, love, and a passion for healthy hair care, with expert advice tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle, complete makeover, hair loss accommodations.Our talented team of professionals is here to make it happen.Contact us today to schedule your future appointments.

Marquarite Motton

Amure Hair Studio is a place of peace, creativity, love, and passion for healthy hair care. We strive for excellence because it comes from Love.


Vision -

Our Vision here @Amure Hair Studio is to build a place not only to be creative but to make a difference in everyone's lives who walk through the door by way of having an inviting environment, relaxing, letting your hair down, or simply a place of peace. To calm the spirit from a long day @ work, with options even if they have hair loss challenges. I am your

Certified Drugless Trichologist seeking who I can be an assistant to. So start with me !!! Tag am it!

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